Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coach Leach Blames himself and players girlfriends

While this to me is funny, I'm not very impressed with a guy that talks that way. Maybe this is just his way of letting his players know they need to get serious but he could have left off the description of the players girlfriends.

Eggplant Burgers

I think Marcie is in an adventurous mood these days. This is Day two of different meals. Last night she made eggplant burgers for us. While it tasted nothing like burgers, it actually tasted really good. I loved the eggplant with pepper jack cheese, spicy mustard, saute mushrooms and onions, and tomatoes. Plus, it probably better for you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mango and Artichoke

If you've never had artichoke before, you should try it! It seems pretty easy to make and tastes great. Basically, you boil the thing till cooked then cut it in half. Take out the fur in the middle, baste in butter, garlic and whatever else, then eat. If you want to mix it up a little, you can throw it on the grill for 5 to 10 minutes to give a slightly different taste. I can't take any credit though. Marcie saw them on sale at Kroger and decided to try them. She prepared the whole meal for me.

To eat them, you pull off each petal and using your teeth, take off the small amount of "meat" at the base. There isn't much but you can go with out stopping so it doesn't feel like a waste of time. Once all the petals are gone, you can eat the heart of the artichoke. That is the base or the stalk. I dipped each piece in garlic butter so it wasn't super healthy but very good.

For dessert, Marcie surprised me with mango. I saw it in the middle of the table and thought it was yellow peppers. What a great meal! Marriage is awesome.

The Serpant and the Son

Andrew made an interesting comment. The picture seen here is Jesus crushing the head of the serpent. Pretty clever I'd say. Thanks for helping us gut and carve our snake Mark. You're a pro and we would have never finished that night with out you.

House Hunting

Marcie and I have been house hunting recently. We've decided we want to move to a single family home in N Raleigh. This came after much thought and although it isn't necessary to move at this time, it would be nice. We're hoping that the government will offer a $15k tax credit as has been suggested. We would love to buy a new house and move but several things would have to happen first. We would need to be financially responsible so we can't buy anything too expensive (the $15k would seriously help out with that though). Also, we would need to sell our current house which requires a few repairs. The patio needs a slab of concrete and the whole house could use a paint job. Before all of that though, we want to redo the entire master bath first. We've bought a lot of the fixtures already so once we get the walls patched up and painted, we'll be ready to go.

Now, for a completely random picture. I've got to find something to do with the pictures so I might as well start posting them in every post. I could probably make this one fit as we might make pancakes in our new house but it doesn't matter. Its my blog and I don't have to make sense.

Mike & Stacy

Stacy finally brought Mike to meet us. This was Keri's famous pumpkin and pastry night on Winners. Marcie and I went to the fair with them Saturday night but those pictures are in my phone and not on the card. I ran out of room on the card so I'll be moving those over later.

Bumblebee Dance

He's break dancing or something. Yet another useless pic to post.

Blackmail pics

Oh have I got a picture to blackmail Christopher. He got away naked and started running down the street! Kids do that sort of thing but its still embarrising when you look back at it. I would post it but that probably wouldn't be appropriate. I'll just have to store it for when he hits high school and threaten to put it in his senior yearbook.

Jayden Pics

A little late but here is the first picture I took of Jayden once he was born. Mom and Daniel are looking over Mike's shoulder.

In case you can't tell, I'm cleaning out my phone's pictures so I can make room for more. :)

TV has been mounted!

Marcie and I mounted her... i mean our TV. Doesn't it look nice up there? Now I just need to run the wires through the wall and we'll be all set.

Table Setting October

Marcie loves to decorate. She's been going to Apples of Gold to get more inspiration for our house. As if she needs more inspiration. She's already decorating our house, making meals from scratch with out a recipe, and all that other Martha Stewart stuff. Not that I'm complaining. I love it! Its good to get new ideas and she's coming back with many each Tuesday night. Girls in CYC who are reading this. If you want to make your bf or hubby happy, take the Apple's of Gold class. He'll be glad you did.

Panoramic Photo

I'm just playing with the panoramic option on my camera. We were hanging out at my parents house when I took this. Kind of cool right?

Pie Trial Three

I wanted to make this pie normal looking (no food coloring). It was my mom's birthday and she said she liked apple pie so I made this for her. I tried to make it look like leaves were blowing in the wind but due to the size of the leaves and pie, this is what I got.

I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for the cherry pie for Steph's wedding. I'm thinking about doing a flat crust but doing 3 cherry cut outs with the stems. Then I'll use a few leaf cutouts for the end. I need to stop practicing though. I love pie but it really isn't helping with the wedding 30.

Butterfly Soccer

Its our last game this weekend. Its been a hard but fun season. We've won two games out of six or is it seven. I'm not sure but they are some great girls and we've had a blast. That may not sound like much but the girls really have improved so much! When the season started, they didn't even know how to kick the ball. Now they're running and kicking and for the most part playing their positions like I wont them to.

Lord willing, I'll be backpacking this weekend so Marcie will be left to coach our last game. I know she'll do great coaching our butterflies to victory over the ladybugs. Good luck sweetie!

Batman Vanishing In Thin Air

Friday, October 23, 2009

WIFI Downtown

Raleigh Downtown now has free wifi. Check out the map to the left to see spots where wifi is available.

Gramparents in Olympic games

Monster Mash

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Software - Free compression software

You've probably heard of winzip or winrar but while using it, you found it always nags you about buying their software. Legally, your trial ends after some time and you should purchase the software or remove it from your PC. I for one compress and decompress files daily and have need for an integrated system that does that for you.

If you are running cygwin, another free program on your pc, you can 7zip, bzip, gzip, and compress your files as well as remove those compression formats for free. Most however do not use the shell based commands often enough therefore you want a program that will do it all for you. IZArc is a great program for that. It does every type of compression you would ever need and best of all, its free. Just go to and search for IZArc. After trying winrar, 7zip, winzip, and a few others, it is my favorite on the market so far.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Software - Free Internet Browser

If you thought you didn't have choices on how you will surf the internet, think again. Most people use Internet Explorer and that's ok. It works but in my opinion, it is not the best. It strays from the industry standard rules and displays code incorrectly at times. Older versions of IE lacked some of the nicer features of the browser I'm going to talk about in a moment and newer versions aren't as stable or compatible with certain pages. This is good browser to have (comes standard on Windows) as there are some pages that only work on IE but isn't the best. There are also known security violations in it that could put your PC at risk.

Another one is Safari. Safari is like IE for the Mac and has a lot of the same problems as IE. There are certain websites that crash the browser and it has several large security holes that are not patched. They are also much slower at patching known issues then other browsers. I would not suggest this browser either.

Google Crome is one of those newer browsers that seems pretty good. Its fast and has a lot of cool features however this browser lacks something all the other ones have... privacy. Google's aim is to create software that "knows you." That means any time you do a Google search, that search is saved in your profile. Anytime you log into blogspot or gmail, your name is linked to the IP you are using. Now, if you use Google's browser, Crome, it also knows every webpage you visit. Google can now send you advertisements based on your personalized interests. Also, Google doesn't allow you to block Google adverts for obvious reasons. I would not suggest this browser either.

Opera, I've never really used this one so I don't know much about it. Its not very popular so it probably doesn't get support for bugs like others will. I would not suggest this browser either.

Ok, so now that you know I don't like IE, Safari, Crome, and Opera, you may be wondering what I do like. Mozilla Firefox is my favorite browser. Its safe, has a lot of features, you can download an add on called "add block plus" which removes almost all advertisements, and it has a large development team that constantly patches bugs and puts out new releases. Its fast and in my opinion, the best on the market.

You can get Firefox HERE.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I listened to this on the way to work in the morning and got so frustrated at the president and democrats! On some level I am glad I don't have cable, but then on the other hand I feel out of the loop. I wouldn't mind watching some Fox news about now.

Listen here!
Focus on the Family with Dr. Dobson

Baby its cold inside

The thing about me is I love the cold. The thing about Marcie is, she doesn't. Marcie can be cold outside on a 85 degree day with a winter coat on. That's why its funny that she's living with me. In the summer time, I run the AC so that the temp is no higher then 76 degrees (74 when I sleep). I'd turn it lower but that would waist too much electricity. In the winter time, because I like it cold and because it saves a lot of electricity, I set my thermostat to 68. Lol, it was 71 in the house yesterday and I was walking around in just my boxers. Marcie ran in the room and jumped in the bed with all of her clothes on. I laughed when I told her what I used to do in the winter. I have a feeling I won't be able to get away with 68 this year. I suppose I can turn it up to 72 for her. That is after all, room temperature. What do you think. Do you think Marcie with go for 72 if I tell her how cute she looks in her sweat pants and winter coat? I keep telling her "your body will adjust." I don't think she believes me. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pie Trial Two

This is our second go at pie. We were in Williams and Sonoma and saw leaf cookie cutters. Being fall time, what better way to cover your pie then with a crust of freshly fallen leaves.

I thought it would be a good idea to add a little color so I added food coloring to the water before mixing it into the crust. It turned out pretty well and really looked like fall after brightly colored leaves have fallen.

The next question is how does it look cut? We were pleased with the final product even in slices. You can see to the right what it would look like. The pie was peach which isn't my favorite but it still tasted pretty good.

Oh, in case you are wondering what that ghostly thing in the background is, it is our October napkins. Marcie and I a little while back bought fabric for each month of the year. Halloween being Marcie's favorite holiday means our October napkins have bones on them and the rings are ghosts.

IKEA Pot Lid Rack

If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'll recall on my trip to MI that I wanted to stop by IKEA for a pot lid rack. Marcie and I were able to make it and as you can see, the lid rack has been installed in our kitchen. Although it looks like a mess in there, it is actually much easier to work with now. We can now nest all of our cooking pots with out their lids being in the way. When we find we have use for a lid, it is easily accessible on either side of our lower cabinet. Some may not think it the the most cosmetically appeasing rack but it looks better then a messy cabinet that is hard to use.

Snuggies Rock The Pack

No, the Wolfpack football team have not turned to snuggies to keep their players toasty. Now you can keep your pack warm as you watch tv. You and man's best friend on the couch keeping up with the soaps. That sounds umm... nice?

Pie Trial One

Marcie and I baked our first pie together the other day. We're not concerned as much for how it tastes but how it looks. This is more of the traditional look as you can see but it turned out well enough. Our next one was much better looking.

I made the pie and the crust but the man and woman in the middle was Marcie's creation. She decided it needed a little something to make it unique... something artistic.

Free Software - Free code editor

This is probably a wasted blog post since people who would have need of editing software would probably know about all the free Windows software out there but just in case, you do not need to run a linux based box to have its functionality. There are many alternatives out there depending on what you are looking for. If all you want to do is edit a file, I found vim to be very useful. As a fan of vi, it allows you to quickly edit and move around in your code with all of the functionality of your normal notepad edits. Cygwin is great for having the Linux environment in case you want to run shell scripts, ruby, pearl, or expect scripts. If you want to run java eclipse is a great tool for that. There is plenty of resources out there if you have a need.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Reception Music

Depending on your event, you probably won't need much for music. If you have a home stereo system, you could use those speakers to set up. If you hook up your laptop, you have access to as many songs as you can download. The best thing is after the event is over, you get to keep all of that music. My brother downloaded a bunch of jazz and big band type of music for me so now when ever I host a dinner party, I've got that music to keep. Check out THIS link for one of the cheapest ways to buy the music.

If you want to have a dance party with YMCA, Shout, and C'mon Ride that Train, then you'll need to rent a dance floor and have a dedicated dj who can select music based on the crowd. Otherwise, a laptop and some decent speakers are all you need.

Wedding Reception

So much time is put into the wedding ceremony, we actually forgot to plan for our reception. We had the food and table and all but we didn't think about what to do when we got there. My advice, come up with a time line for everything even if you don't follow it. That way you know when to cut the cake or toss the flowers. Plus, that makes it more fun for the guests when there is a general progression to the event.

Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

I suppose its time to move on from what I learned from our wedding but I remembered one other thing. Everyone hates David's Bridal. If you haven't been in that store yet, think of an accounting office where nobody smiles. For the Seinfeld watchers out there, I could dub them the wedding Nazis. Why do people shop there when their service is so bad? Because they have a large selection and are everywhere. Some of the girls from Marcie's wedding were from MI but that wasn't a problem since she could go to the David's Bridal up there to pick up her dress and get it fitted and such. I don't have any advice for picking out the perfect dress for your girls but sometimes it helps to know what to expect before you go there. If more people knew what to expect before they stepped in those doors, maybe it would be more annoyance then dislike while shopping there.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please support healthy breasts.