Friday, May 28, 2010


Here are all the flowers blooming or in the process of blooming in our yard. Its been a long time coming but they're just starting to open up. I'd say in one week our yard will have a lot of color.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Its been sufficient time I think to start talking about the last episode of 24. If you have not seen it, stop reading now.

Here's my beef with the last episode. It was very anti-climatic. We watched a day's worth of television and the least we could ask for is to get some information. I didn't know how they would end the last season but here are a few options. One of these should have happened.

1) The Russian President is killed
2) The Russian President is exposed via the press
3) Jack is killed or is stopped
4) The President pardons Jack
5) The someone gives the recording to the press so the truth is exposed
6) The peace process goes through despite trouble

So there you have it. Those are six things I would have accepted as a suitable ending. A lot of those I wouldn't have liked but at least it would have been closed. Instead, we have the following:

1) Russian President lives
2) The public (via press) does not know the Russian President is involved
3) Jack lives but is on the run (would be ok ending if this wasn't last season)
4) Jack is a fugitive to the US and is hunted by the russians
5) The recording never reaches the press and we don't know if Taylor will let it out or keep it as a closed trial.
7) Taylor doesn't sign the peace agreement

I hear they'll make a movie that will wrap up this last season. It stinks that I'll have to pay money just to get a conclusion but hopefully it won't disappoint.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yet another reason I'm lucky to have Marcie! Instead of coworkers knowing I'm eating Bojangles, they ask "what is that that smells so good?" Its turkey breast tenderloin with fresh veggies all on Jasmine rice. Yum!


To protect the innocent, I'll not say who this is but I will say it was a failed attempt by a parent to give a haircut to their son. The response: "I look like a monkey! *sob*"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Doubles

Well, I guess I should post a little about our most recent shopping trip. Aside from the steak we had about $70 worth of groceries for about $5. Add the steak and you add another $11 on top of the price. We went again and this time got a little over 50% off our bill. We're a little tired of having to shop every week though. We're planning a change soon. We love Harris Teeter because the meat and produce seem fresher there. Then again, we could also go to the farmers market and get it just as fresh if not better for less. Most of what we eat is fresh meat and produce but for the other items, we can probably pick those up at Food Lion or Wal-mart for cheaper and not have to scour for deals each week. Now mind you super doubles and triples are great but they don't happen that often. On those weeks we'll just stock up on as much as we can.

Marcie I know will be happy. A weekly trip to the farmer's market for produce (and to look at the plants they're selling) and then only a monthly trip to wal-mart for everything else. We'll still use coupons as much as possible but this should be easier on her. The only down side is we may loose some of the variety. Aside from a random pizza here and there, we haven't had the same dish twice since we've been married. I love trying all the things she comes up with and it is almost always really good. The produce will at least vary depending on what's at the market tha week.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spaghetti Squash

Marcie made the spaghetti squash the other day as seen in the picture. While there are other veggies that I like better, it turned out well and looks pretty cool.

Garden Circle

Our garden has been set. We'll hopefully have two green bell pepper plants, two red bell pepper plants, two jalapeno pepper plants, and two asparagus plants. In the middle is basil and carrots (seeds). Assuming the HOA doesn't get mad at us, we'll hopefully get some veggies soon.

Random Flower

We found this random flower in our yard the other day. I'm not sure where it came from but it popped up next to a bush under our window. Anyways, what is it? A Tiger Lily right?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hibachi Steak

Marcie and I made Hibachi Steak last night. We made Jasmine rice then fried it with butter and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Then we sauteed zuchinni, yellow squash, mushrooms, garlic, and onions in EVOO. Then we cooked strips of steak in butter, EVOO, and soy sauce till medium well done. Finally, we combined the vegies and meat on top of the rice. So good!

I was surprised how fast and easy it was to make. Marcie was too. She didn't believe it would be as good as it was but I proved otherwise. Next time I'll make the seafood sauce (also easy to make) to top it all. It'll be like going to Hibachi express only 1/4 of the price.

Aside from the butter, it was really good for us. EVOO is full of polyunsaturated fat (good fat) and the steak and veggies had protein and all kinds of vitamins and minerals we need. I bet we could cut back the butter and it would still be good. We used around 3 tablespoons for 4 heaping servings. I bet if I didn't put butter in the rice, that would drop it down to 1 tablespoon of butter for it all and it would still be delicious.

Mailbox Flowers

We're about to have flowers under our mailbox. You can see buds everywhere so they should be ready really soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

John Stewart's Apphole Award

John Stewart recently dubbed Apple's most recent action as "big brotherish" and jerky. He dubbed Steve and Apple as being a downright "Apphole." Look at the following and you decide.

* Steve Jobs publicly bashes Adobe on its website with a 1,700-word scathing essay. Did he betray their relationship or is this just an example of Apple being run by an Apphole?

* Steve Jobs continuously parks in Handicap spots claiming it to be a "game" he plays with the police. Illegal or just another example of being an Apphole?

* Steve Jobs moves to Tn because the wait list for organs is much shorter there (he still lives and keeps all his stuff in Ca). Immoral, justified, or just another example of being an Apphole?

* Steve Jobs and Apple forces Ellen Degeneres to publicly apologize on national TV for airing a spoof commercial that suggested the iPhone was difficult to use. Was Apple slandered or just another example of Steve being an Apphole?

* The Gizmodo blogger had his door busted in by the police even after he gave back the lost iPhone prototype. Was that necessary or did Appholes force the police's hands?

* Steve Jobs walks pasts fan who waited days for the chance to interact.

* Steve Jobs makes his employees cry (but he's normally right despite how he delivers the news). Insensitive? Apphole?

Need I go on?


Man kids have it good these days. I believe I would have done the dishes for mom for a month if I could have had underoos like these when I was a kid. I had to wear just red undwear on the ouside of my blue PJs to say I was superman. And I would get TP and poke holes in each sheet (my web) so I could be spiderman. You don't even have to pretend these days. When you're climbing up doorways in these, everyone knows you're a superhero and not just some kid who doesn't know underwear goes on the inside.

Produce shopping

Next week is super doubles so we stuck to things we knew we wouldn't have coupons for in our most recent shopping trip. We bought almost $60 worth of meat and produce (and a few other items). Harris Teeter had some good deals on different items. Asparagus is $.99/lb as well as a few different apples. $1.25 is a great price for both of those so we were very happy to see them at this price. We had to hit $50 (we actually hit $100) to get $20 off our order with our HT coupon so we figured why not stock up. Here are a few of the items we bought:

  • eggplant - eggplant burgers
  • mushrooms, squash & zucchini - hibachi steak
  • cilantro - homemade salsa
  • celery - ants on a log
  • bananas & apples - healthy snack and banana bread
  • blueberries - smoothies
  • green onions - random flavoring
  • spaghetti squash - olive, lamb, and red pepper casserole

We also picked up a few London broils that I'll hopefully be able to turn into beef jerky and other dishes as well as some turkey breast tenderloins.

I'm 30

It looks like Marcie wants everyone to know I'm 30 years old. Thanks a lot!

Wedding Album

Our wedding album came in! We didn't order one right away because we wanted to wait and find different options. Here is what we finally decided on.


Marcie and I are officially members of the North Carolina Museum of Art. For the most part, it doesn't really get you anything but discounts at the gift shop but it does support Art in NC. On November 7th I believe, some new exhibits will be coming however and being a member means that we don't have to pay to see them. We're pretty excited about that. Birds of America is one of the coming exhibits which is a bunch of pictures of every bird in the united states. Evidently, the painter would go hunting for different birds and kill them so he could paint them in great detail. Many of the birds he painted are now extinct so its a great to be able to see them even if it is only in a picture. The art of Norman Rockwell will also be here. Also very exciting.

Their current art is all free to the public. They have some really interesting pieces. The picture seen above is a obviously the thinker. Although its just a cast of the original piece, there are very few of these to my knowledge. Its amazing to think that some one could work this out of material. I've tried just drawling people and the proportions are near impossible to get right. The hands always tend to be way too large.

Anyways, another very interesting piece is that of the artist standing with planes crashing into his body. It represents the sacrifice the African American soldiers paid in the war of which they were not recognized. What is really strange about the piece is that unbeknown to him, it actually depicted his death to the 9/11 twin tower crash. His studio was on one of the floors of that building and he was among the casualties there.

There is a Picasso and some other well known art there. We found out that many of the pieces there were prints Marcie had on her wall in her classroom. If you get a chance to go, I encourage you to. There is so much more behind art besides a pretty picture. A lot of times, it is a vision of their perspective of the local times.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jesus would excel at this sport

Some guy dressed up his motorcycle like a chariot to make himself visible for advertising. Its from my cell phone a ways away so its grainy but here is his picture.

The problem with the education system today


It seemed that Elvis actually died of constipation based on recent findings. You can read all about it HERE.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hungry Hungry Caterpillar

We came home to find what looked like bird poop on our parsley. We were not fooled though. We found out that it was actually a caterpillar larvae. Black Swallowtail to be exact. We watched as they ate and grew. Just as they were ready to weave their cocoon, it seems the hungry hungry caterpillar was eaten by a hungry hungry bird. Our four fat friends are now down to one. I'm hoping he wraps himself up soon or else he'll likely share the same fate. Hurry up little guy. We're ready to see you turn.